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Why MyParcel?

Sending through MyParcel? This is what we offer you:

Whether you want to send through the extensive global networks of PostNL, bpost, and DPD, or prefer shipping via your own contract, it's all possible with MyParcel! Our shipping platform allows you to tailor your shipping process exactly as you wish. We aim for maximum flexibility within our reliable shipping platform, ultimately striving to save you time and streamline your business processes.
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 Select your preferred carrier

Select your preferred carrier

Send immediately or utilize your own shipping contract.

 Streamline and improve your shipping procedure.

Streamline and improve your shipping procedure.

By using our intelligent features.

 Persnoal customer support

Persnoal customer support

We are available for you five days a week.

A cutting-edge and expert shipping platform.

Already 42,000 webshops use MyParcel and experience our reliable shipping platform. You can set up your entire shipping process via our user-friendly shipping platform in no time. In addition, the platform offers you a number of useful features. Think of shipping via PostNL and DHL at competitive rates, personal customer service and a branded Track & Trace and return portal. Use the basic features that suit your online business.

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Utilize the extensive networks of Belgium’s largest carriers.

Send your parcels securely through one of our 900 PostNL, 2,300 bpost points, or 900 DPD points. If you’re short on time to send them yourself, you can opt for the pickup service provided by any of these carriers. With bpost, get in touch with us before 11 a.m., and your packages will be collected between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m.

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Configure your shipping procedure according to your preferences.

Apart from the numerous included features, you can also access extra functionalities via our shipping platform, available either as a subscription or bundled within a MyParcel Package. By opting for a MyParcel Package, you can simplify your shipping workflow, conserve time, and access reduced MyParcel rates for parcel deliveries. Interested in finding the ideal package for your needs? Click the button below to compare all MyParcel Packages.

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Utilize your own shippincontract with MyContracts.

Bij MyParcel denken we graag met je mee. Daarom stellen we je in staat om jouw eigen verzendcontracten van DPD en Bpost te activeren via MyContracts.  MyContracts biedt verschillende niveaus, afhankelijk van hoe uitgebreid je hier gebruik van wilt maken.

  • Voer al je taken overzichtelijk uit vanuit één enkel platform.
  • Voeg je eigen verzendcontracten van DPD en bpost toe.
  • Maak gebruik van verschillende handige MyParcel features

MyParcel is committed to being your collaborative partner. That’s why we provide you with the opportunity to activate your personal DPD and Bpost contracs. MyContracts offers various tiers, based on the extent of your usage.

  • Efficiently manage all operations from a unified platform.
  • Incorporate your individual DHL shipping contract.
  • Handle Shipping via orders seamlessly.

If you have your own PostNL shipping contract, feel free to get in touch with us. We can assist you with the arrangements.

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Enhance your shipping procedure using MyAnalytics.

A streamlined and seamless shipping process plays a pivotal role in the prosperity of your online business. We’re delighted to assist you in achieving this through our analytical tool, MyAnalytics. With MyAnalytics, you can effortlessly dissect shipping data, enabling you to make informed decisions and optimize your shipping process more effectively. For a supplementary fee, you can access additional data on a weekly basis, further enhancing your ability to uncover trends related to:

  • Transit times for your shipments.
  • Additional charges on your shipments.
  • Instances of damage and loss.
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lets begin!

At MyParcel, you can get started within a matter of minutes. Simply create a free account, link your e-commerce software and sales platforms like and Amazon, and commence shipping instantly. Effortlessly add your orders, select a carrier or utilize your personal contract. You can conveniently manage all your shipments in your dedicated shipping dashboard, and analyze them using the handy MyAnalytics tool. Why wait any longer? Experience the convenience of MyParcel firsthand!

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Register for a free account now and explore the extensive capabilities of our platform. Do you have questions or want to understand how MyParcel can specifically contribute to the success of your online business? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Our support team is available five days a week to assist you.

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